About us

Lamp Management Advisors

Lamp management advisors is our consultancy team. A high-end international consultancy specialist in strategy, management and organisation. Our team has more than 15 years experience in a large scale of consultancy missions, going from a simple processes re-engineering to a complete merger and IT changing for major financial, services and industrial groups. We have been officing mainly in Europe, North Africa and the Middle east. We have a proven track record in offering innovative, creative solutions and are prepared to share risks.

Using our unique innovative thinking and our extensive experience, we will help improve your company's performance and transform it for the future. We consider ourselves partners with our clients, asking the right questions and finding the right answers along with them. We are responsible, reliable, highly experienced professionals who provide the most up-to-date and forward-thinking solutions to your most difficult business issues. We can help.

Business approach

Our approach is specific and is oriented to help in a pragmatic way our clients. It is built around some basic principles

  • We consider our projects as a team effort between our client and our own team members.
  • We evaluate the situation with the corporate staff, combining our business expertise and using our consultancy structured approach.
  • We establish a strategy hand in hand with the coporate decision makers and together make sure that the implementation of the strategy is successful.
  • We propose highly innovative solutions according to the corporate main orientation
  • We follow a pre-defined report process
  • We help our clients team to acquire and improve their business orientations according to the setup strategy : Strong know how and knowledge transfer
  • We make sure with the corporate teams to implement the main strategic ambitions as early as possible in order for them to immediately start generating returns

In a word, your success is our success

What we offer

We have organised our offer around different development and evolution orientations identified to realise in the best conditions our clients future improvement:

Global Strategy

  • Set up a winning strategy
  • Put in line efficiency criteria with strategic objectives
  • Define a management based on quality criteria
  • Identify reliable and available information on the activity

Marketing and sales strategy

  • Identify your market potential and position
  • Improve your sales efficiency
  • Launch a new product and define its merchandising strategy
  • Know your client
  • Integrate and organise new distribution channels
  • Control distribution costs

HR Management

  • Put in line efficient HR policy with strategic objectives
  • Define HR process and policy
  • Improve HR skills and management policies
  • Steer change management

Mergers and Restructuring

  • Setup with you your merger plan
  • Identify the different leverage possibilities and implement the merger into two main schemes: implementation and change management
  • Restructure a business chain
  • Put means into common as result of the merger
  • Setup an entity or subsidiary
  • Choose the best outsourcing solutions

IT Strategy and Improvement

  • Decide whether or not to improve your IT
  • Make the right choice according to your business criteria and needs
  • Define the opportunities and risks of outsourcing
  • Steer the implementation of your IT system
  • Improve working processes through the IT improvement

How can we help you?

Our purpose is to help and work with you in order to improve your company's performance and transform it for the future. According to your needs we adapt our offer and put in your service our best expertise to answer to your strategic objectives.

We mainly work with three types of investors:

Banks, Financial institutions, Trusts/Insurance companies, Distributor Networks, Other corporates

Many companies sometimes for internal political reasons or for expertise do not wish to proceed such projects only with their in-house expertise. They ask us to work hand in hand with their top management to either define or implement a strategy.
For instance, you feel that your sales force can be more efficient, your market penetration can be higher, your clients deserve better attention …
You want to change your IT system without disturbing your activity, you want to merge with another institution and need a structured approach to make it work…
We propose our approach and work hand in hand with your teams to achieve your strategy or improvements in the best conditions.

Corporates, industrial companies and public sector

We can work with you to improve your service quality, management and distribution strategy.
For instance, we have re organised the European distribution Network of a major car manufacturer in order to answer to their strategic approach following a merger with another trade mark.
In the public sector for instance, our team has improved social security quality process in order to provide a better public service.

High Net Worth and family offices

If our High Net worth need to re-organise their activity and business management process. We work hand in hand with their family officer to provide them better steering tools for instance or better global approach.