About us

Lamp Capital Advisors

Lamp capital advisors is a financial specialist team offering a global service for its corporate and private customers. lamp capital advisors has more than 15 years experience in the banking and finance sector mainly in Europe and The Middle East. Our main goal is to advise, structure and provide our partners a large scale of non traditional financial products specific to their requirements and needs. We design highly innovative tailor-made investment structures for professional investors such as banks, trusts, insurance companies and advisors to high net worth individuals lamp capital advisors focuses on non traditional investment (including but not limited to real estate funds, capital guaranteed structures, fixed income, high hields investments, hedge funds, private equity, …)

Lamp capital advisors is in contact with the major market providers, offering our clients pricing benchmarks, possibilities and structuring flexibility. With our expertise and competence we can provide you with the best quality of service that you have a right to to ask for. Product examples can be sent to you at your request, thereby representing up-to-date pricing models, past issues and THE latest in leading edge structures. Additionally the same procedure can be followed to give you examples of a number of products we have reviewed for comparison and critiquing purposes and to illustrate how recent improvements in these structures are helping the development of the investment industry.

Business approach

Lamp capital advisors is a company operating in the development of absolute return investment vehicles along with and according to our clients needs, including but not limited, with partial or total protection with a strong focus on the alternative investment market. lamp capital advisors independence is a key factor in our flexibility, enabling us to work with leading financial institutions, asset management groups and international banks, often creating unique alliances within a single product structure. A principle objective is to depart from traditional "long or mid" investment solutions. Where possible, added value comes from incorporating features into product designs which provides performance.

We work hand in hand with our clients. We consider ourselves partners with our clients, asking the right questions and finding the right answers along with them. We are responsible, reliable, highly experienced professionals who provide the most up-to-date and forward-thinking solutions to your most difficult business issues and financial needs

What we offer

We design our product and develop our services according to a double-edged approach : Our strategy and offer in correlation with our clients needs. The aim of the structures we setup is to match our clients needs, by this providing interesting mechanisms for growth which are resilient to (or assisted by) stock market volatility and downturns. For proprietary investment for instance, this can be achieved by either explicit capital guarantees, profit lock-in mechanisms, income generating options or by providing a structure with non-correlated performance which benefit from simple price movement, up or down.

We offer our clients a large scope of non traditional financial products ranging from vanilla to exotic structures combining a large scale of investment strategies:

  • Capital Guaranteed (fixed income and equity)
  • Strategic products for pension business
  • Leveraged plays
  • Income Generating
  • Fund of funds
  • Multi Manager Hedge Funds…
Product design requires minimum investment level ranging from $5 to 15 million (or currency equivalent) and we aim to build solutions around our clients personal requirements. Where multi-manager solutions are considered, higher capital commitments may be required.

How can we help you?

Who can invest: non traditional structures have generally not been available for the retail market. They are often offered under Private Placement rules, limiting subscribers to Professional Investors with minimum investment levels usually set in excess of USD 5 million. However, using the mechanism of discretionary portfolio managers or nominee facilities, it may be possible for private investors to subscribe to a tranche of a product with more modest investment levels

We mainly work with three types of investors:

Banks, trust/insurance companies, other corporate

Many trust companies do not have the in-house expertise or time to develop sophisticated structures and would prefer to delegate to third parties with experience in this area. This is because they are often asked to source low risk investment solutions which provide alternatives to cash, with the additional potential for higher yields. We are well placed as an independent company to provide a wide range of potential structures.

Professional advisors, Financial intermediary, Distributor Network

We can work with you to design products which meet your clients exact investment requirements together with, the specifications of any provider in which the structure may be held.

High Net Worth private or corporate investors or pool of investors

We answer the needs of high net worth individuals or corporate clients with a lump sum to invest in an investment scheme according to their profile, going from highly leverage D to A capital guaranteed protected environment.
The products generally available in the industry may not meet the personal requirements of the investor nor incorporate realistic charging structures for such an investment sum. By this we have the network to gather up a pool of investors interested by the same type of products or strategy in order to reach the minimum investment required by such products.